Get your Canadian Boat Operators Licence - Online

Get Your Pleasure Craft Operator Card — It‘s The Law!

The Competency of Operators of Pleasure Craft Regulations require that all operators of pleasure craft fitted with a motor have proof of competency and proof of age on board at all times. Its the Law!

Anyone boating in Canadian Waters and found to not have a boaters licence will be subject to a fine of $250.00.

The image on the left will link you to one of Transport Canada's approved boating exam providers. Register for the exam and purchase a study guide outlining the course material and then write your exam online with unlimited repeat re-writes until you successfully pass. 

The Regulations also apply to non-residents:

  • If they operate their pleasure craft in Canadian waters for more than 45 consecutive days or,
  • If they operate a pleasure craft that is licensed or registered in Canada (including rented or chartered boats).
  • The Regulations do not apply to non-residents who operate their pleasure craft in Canadian waters for less than 45 consecutive days. Please note that a proof of residence will be required on board at all times

Acceptable Proof of Competency for Non-Residents. For non-residents, proof of competency can take one of three forms:

If you live in the United States - Visit:  USA boating licence locations